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IP date2016-12-14
Crawl date2016-01-26
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Linksoutgoing:6 / inbound:1950
Web languageEnglish
Document size63,6 kB
Page speed2,90 s

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4 mail.wenming.cn1-target=_blankN/A140,2 kB
5 www.dangjian.cn2-target=_blankIP3861,2 kB
3 www.zhiyuanfuwu.com3-target=_blankNO724,6 kB
3 www.ssbgzzs.com4-target=_blankIP541,6 kB
3 www.xuexiph.cn5-target=_blankIP1254,1 kB
5 archive.wenming.cn6{Image link}target=_blankN/A6915,5 kB

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15 www.tianya.cn3-target=_blankA83778,4 kB
9 www.zhnews.net3{Image link}--49456,0 kB
8 www.lszxc.cn2{Image link}-A30817,7 kB
6 www.qjrb.cn4{Image link}target=_blankA22159,2 kB
6 www.jlspr.com1-target=_blankA8357,1 kB
5 www.lwnews.net2{Image link}target=_blankA11955,0 kB
5 yn.xinhuanet.com3-target=_blankA6049,3 kB
5 www.qzdy.cn2{Image link}target=_blank-3322,4 kB
5 www.qzedu.net1{Image link}target=_blankA3458,9 kB
4 www.woxiu.com4-target=_blankA5566,2 kB
4 www.huaian.com5{Image link}target=_blankA3363,4 kB
4 www.zzdjw.com2-target=_blank-11164,3 kB
4 www.jhwmw.cn1-target=_blankA3935,4 kB
4 www.jnwmw.com1-target=_blankA3554,0 kB
4 www.fncctv.com1{Image link}target=_blank-10918,9 kB
4{Image link}-A2267,5 kB
4 www.khedu.net1{Image link}-A1261,4 kB
3 www.xuexiph.cn1-target=_blankIP1254,1 kB
3 www.tz121.com1{Image link}target=_blank-1555,7 kB
3 www.abcjj.cn5{Image link}target=_blank-4912,5 kB
3 ts.wenming.cn1---1517,4 kB
3 www.gdyjedu.net3{Image link}target=_blankA853,8 kB
3 www.bookall.cn5-target=_blankA763,2 kB
3 www.jyrb.cn2{Image link}target=_blank-1236,7 kB
3 blog.dtxw.cn2{Image link}target=_blank-4666,2 kB
3 www.zhiyuanfuwu.com1{Image link}target=_blankA724,6 kB
3 www.ct165.com2{Image link}target=_blankA1934,0 kB
3 www.lwems.net3{Image link}-A2467,2 kB
3 www.ssbgzzs.com2{Image link}target=_blankIP541,6 kB
3 www.hnwmw.com1---79,4 kB - all information is provided without any warranty, privacy policy and terms